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Scandinavian Crime Fiction

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Who did what where? The Scandinavian crime fiction inspectors are presented in alphabetical order.

Martin Beck

Sjöwall-Wahlöö's Martin Beck works for the Central Bureau of Investigation in Stockholm, Sweden. Martin Beck is the central character in Rosanna, The Man Who Went Up in Smoke, The Man on the Balcony, The Laughing Policeman, The Fire Engine That Disappeared, Murder at the Savoy, The Abominable Man, The Locked Room, Cop Killer and The Terrorists.

Sjöwall-Wahlöö, The Laughing PolicemanSjöwall-Wahlöö, The Locked RoomSjöwall-Wahlöö, The Man on the Balcony

Mikael Blomkvist

Stieg Larsson's Millennium series protagonist is a journalist by profession. Mikael Blomkvist stars in The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and The Girl Who Played With Fire. The last part of the trilogy has not yet been published in English. (Swedish title Luftslottet som sprängdes.)

Stieg Larsson, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo feat. Mikael BlomkvistStieg Larsson, The Girl Who Played With Fire feat. Mikael BlomkvistStieg Larsson, Luftslottet som sprängdes

Rebecka Martinsson

Åsa Larsson's heroine was born in Kiruna in northern Sweden, but is now a tax lawyer at a Stockholm law firm. Rebecka Martinsson stars in Sun Storm, The Blood Spilt and The Black Path.

Åsa Larsson, Sun Storm feat. Rebecka MartinssonÅsa Larsson, The Blood Spilt feat. Rebecka MartinssonÅsa Larsson, The Black Path feat. Rebecka Martinsson

Konrad Sejer

Inspector Sejer stars in Karin Fossum's Don't Look Back, He Who Fears the Wolf, When the Devil Holds the Candle, The Indian Bride and in the 2008 Los Angeles Times Book Prize winner Black Seconds.

Karin Fossum, When the Devil Holds the CandleKarin Fossum, The Indian Bride feat. Konrad SejerKarin Fossum, Black Seconds feat. Konrad Sejer

Erlendur Sveinsson

Arnaldur Indridason's inspector Erlendur stars in the Reykjavik thrillers Jar City, Silence of the Grave, Voices, The Draining Lake, and Arctic Chill.

Arnaldur Indridason, Silence of the GraveArnaldur Indridason, The Draining LakeArnaldur Indridason, Jar City

Kurt Wallander

Henning Mankell's world weary Kurt Wallander is Chief Inspector at the Ystad Police Department in southern Sweden. Kurt Wallander stars in Faceless Killers, The Dogs of Riga, The White Lioness, The Man Who Smiled, Sidetracked, The Fifth Woman, One Step Behind and Firewall. Kurt Wallander's daughter Linda Wallander stars in Before the Frost.

Henning Mankell, Before the Frost feat. Kurt WallanderHenning Mankell, The White Lioness feat. Kurt WallanderHenning Mankell, Faceless Killers feat. Kurt Wallander

Van Veeteren

Chief Inspector Van Veeteren is a veteran of 30 years of police work who appreciates fine food and drink. Håkan Nesser's contemplative inspector is based in the fictitious town Maardam and stars in The Mind's Eye, Borkmann's Point and The Return.

Håkan Nesser, The Mind's Eye feat. Van VeeterenHåkan Nesser, Borkmann's Point feat. Van VeeterenHåkan Nesser, The Return feat. Van Veeteren

Erik Winter

Åke Edwardson's Erik Winter the maverick in this investigative company. Why? He's happily married! Erik Winter stars in Sun and Shadow, Never End and in the 2008 Los Angeles Times Book Prize Finalist Frozen Tracks.

Åke Edwardson, Frozen Tracks feat. Erik WinterÅke Edwardson, Never End feat. Erik WinterÅke Edwardson, Sun and Shadow feat. Erik Winter